Just Meditation Courses and Training: Coming Soon

We are currently developing a series of Just Meditation Courses, which will offer comprehensive training in meditation practice, via a combination of self-directed learning, webinars and online tutorial support.

These courses are not so much about how to meditate, though there will be instruction in the basic Just Meditation technique, but deepening our understanding of meditation and therefore of ourselves and our experience of life.

Delivered by a blend of self-directed learning, online seminars and lots of personal practice, Just Meditation courses provide engaging learning pathways that will stimulate a journey of discovery.

Level 1

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness. Meditation. Everyone’s talking about it, but what’s it really all about, and how do you actually do it? This course is suitable both for complete beginners as well as those with more experience who might want to refresh or deepen their practice.

The programme will comprise six modules, covering practical and theoretical aspects of mindfulness and meditation, with an emphasis on encouraging participants to develop their own regular practice.

Level 2

Beyond Mindfulness

This course will build on the introductory modules by going into more depth and detail about certain key topics in meditation practice, including concepts the self, the nature of attachment and the narrative we call ‘life’.

This takes the practice beyond the simple cultivation of present moment awareness to a greater understanding of the human condition.

Level 3

Facilitator Training

The Just Meditation Training Programme is designed to equip people with the basic knowledge, skills and confidence to lead a one-hour ‘Just Meditation’ drop-in meditation class.

It is aimed at those who have a personal meditation practice and wish to extend that by facilitating group meditation sessions for others.

The training is offered as an intensive four-day residential course, and it  is expected that applicants will have already completed the Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

More Information

Level 1 and Level 2 courses are both delivered entirely online, and can be taken at a pace to suit one’s personal circumstances. A portal of additional resources into traditions and techniques will enable subscribers to broaden their learning experience.

The Level 3 facilitator training is aimed at those who, having done the other courses, may wish to deliver Just Meditation sessions within the context of a meditation group. Instruction will be delivered by means of intensive residential training courses at regular intervals. A brand licensing scheme will allow subscribers to operate as accredited Just Meditation facilitators.