Just Meditation

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Everyday Meditation

For Everyone

The Book

Just Meditation: everyday meditation for everyone

By Nicholas Buxton

Drop-in Classes

Online meditation sessions

Weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays

What is Just Meditation?

Just Meditation represents a distinctive approach to the learning and practice of meditation, through drop-in classes, courses, workshops and training for meditation facilitators.

Just Meditation is independent and inclusive. It neither promotes nor rejects any particular tradition or worldview.

Just Meditation is simple and accessible. It is everyday meditation for everyone.

Just Meditation is just meditation.

Audio & Video


Find somewhere quiet. Sit comfortably. Press play...

Just Meditation Video

Featuring a short introduction followed by about ten minutes of silence.

Great for personal use whenever you want a quick practice session, or as a taster of the Just Meditation approach.

Just Meditation Audio

These audio recordings include a short introduction (approximately five minutes), followed by either ten or twenty minutes of silence.

They can be used as a supplement to a personal practice, or in between attendance at the online drop-in sessions.

We hope you’ll find these recordings useful, but most importantly of all – keep meditating!

Everyday Meditation for Everyone

making the benefits of meditation accessible, affordable, and available to all
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